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Interacting with Clients has never been so easy!

Lead Generation

Blacklight presents easy access messaging and provides lawyers with a new avenue to acquire clients and handle payment.

Paid Consultations

The app lets lawyers set their rates and schedules, customize their workflow, and optimize their availability for clients. This boosts business growth and delivers exceptional service.

Get Hired

Our comprehensive platform enables swift communication and secure storage of sensitive case information, using smart contracts.

Let Clients Find you Fast

Paid Consultations

Set your price and make as much as you want with video consultations. Integrate your work calendar and seamlessly schedule consultations with as many clients as you can fit.

Communicate with Clients

Control what access clients have to you and effortlessly stay in contact with each client and legal documentation in one place.

Smart Contracts

With technoogy similar to Panda Docs and Rocket Lawyer, clients will hire you safely through the app.

Privacy & Security

Control precisely what clients and potential clients can communicate and have access to. Full customizations of notification suite.


As a lawyer, your success relies on visibility and reputation. Our ‘Most Popular Lawyer Near You’ page is your gateway to enhanced recognition and client engagement. This powerful feature positions you at the forefront of our app, offering you:

  • Increase Visibility

  • Credibility Boost

  • Client Attraction

Set Your Contracts

Blacklight takes legal interactions to the next level by introducing smart contracts. As a lawyer, this feature offers you unparalleled advantages:
  • Faster Payments

  • Trust and Transparency

  • Set Your Own Rates


Our referrals feature is designed to be your ultimate ally in growing your practice and expanding your professional network. By enabling seamless lawyer referrals, you can effortlessly connect with potential clients, opening up a world of opportunities.
  • Free Referrals

  • Credibility Boost

  • Client Attraction

Motorcycle Accidents

Domestic Violence

Car Accidents




Personal Injury

Property Damage

How we Fight for You

Find a Lawyer based on your credentials and at your exact time of need.  Using our app, you will have direct and immediate access to your cities top legal professional at an affordable price.

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