Intelligent Security for
Your Family

Experience Next Generation Security for your Loved Ones with our Suite of AI powered tools.

Crash Detection

Blacklight IQ provides unparalleled safety by leveraging the sensors on your smartphone – the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and GPS – to keep you safe on the move. It detects accidents in real time, quickly identifying sudden motion changes and acceleration patterns that could indicate a collision.

Once an accident is detected, Blacklight alerts emergency services and dispatches assistance. It also streamlines insurance claims by automating document organization and notifying your insurer of accident details. With Blacklight IQ, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your smartphone is working as a safety sentry to protect you throughout your journey.

Injury Detection

With Blacklight IQ, immediate assistance is available when you fall or use the panic button. A dedicated agent contacts you to check on your wellbeing. If you need emergency response, Blacklight contacts the appropriate services.

If you don't need emergency assistance, you can simply cancel the alarm. Blacklight contacts your emergency POC, and they will be notified of the alarm promptly, potentially providing additional help. Blacklight can coordinate with your caregivers instead of or in addition to notifying emergency services.

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