How it Works

Lawyers On-Demand

Find a Lawyer based on your credentials and at your exact time of need.  Using our app you will have direct and immediate access to your cities top legal professional.  Find a bargain price

Blacklight is a mobile app designed to facilitate direct communication and hiring between civilians facing legal issues and local lawyers using the app.

24/7 Crisis Support

Real-Time Security Solutions Tailored for You

Lawyer On-Demand

Blacklight offers real-time assistance from lawyers with roadside traffic stops. We enable users to video chat with lawyers, who will speak on their behalf and delegate issues.

Mental Health Support

To assist those with mental health struggles, we provide access to 24/7 Mental Health Therapists to resolve legal issues for the injured party.

Domestic Cases

Beyond immediate contact with lawyers, users may consult and hire lawyers for less-urgent domestic cases using chat features in dashboard.

Let Clients Find you Fast

Paid Consultations

Set your price and make as much as you want with video consultations. Integrate your work calendar and seamlessly schedule consultations with as many clients as you can fit.

Communicate with Clients

Control what access clients have to you and effortlessly stay in contact with each client and legal documentation in one place.

Smart Contracts

With technoogy similar to Panda Docs and Rocket Lawyer, clients will hire you safely through the app.

Privacy & Security

Control precisely what clients and potential clients can communicate and have access to. Full customizations of notification suite.

  • Go to Lawyer Leaderboard.

  • Filter options.

  • Message Lawyer or Schedule Consult

Using the available resources, people may determine their best options for legal assistance. This includes lawyer rankings, location, and legal matters. Prices are upfront and displayed after case consideration to foster transparency to the public.

1. Find a Lawyer

2. Hire A Lawyer

  • Create a case entry

  • Track Progress

  • Keep Records for future use

Say goodbye to legal hassles! Our messaging feature lets you hire a lawyer and confirm their price with just a text message – making legal help more accessible and hassle-free than ever before.
  • Create a case entry

  • Track Progress

  • Keep Records for future use

Our referrals feature is designed to be your ultimate ally in growing your practice and expanding your professional network. By enabling seamless lawyer referrals, you can effortlessly connect with potential clients, opening up a world of opportunities.

3. Build A Case

Using BlackLight’s Family Plan, you can access
Blacklight IQ

Provides safety monitoring through audio detection and new sources

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