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BlackLight is a mobile based online legal consultancy, personal security, referral network, criminal justice education, and police reform tool, unlike anything to date.

Legal Features


As a lawyer, your success relies on visibility and reputation. Our ‘Most Popular Lawyer Near You’ page is your gateway to enhanced recognition and client engagement. This powerful feature positions you at the forefront of our app, offering you:

  • Increase Visibility

  • Credibility Boost

  • Client Attraction

Legal Features

Set Your Contracts

Blacklight takes legal interactions to the next level by introducing smart contracts. As a lawyer, this feature offers you unparalleled advantages:
  • Faster Payments

  • Trust and Transparency

  • Set Your Own Rates

Legal Features


Our referrals feature is designed to be your ultimate ally in growing your practice and expanding your professional network. By enabling seamless lawyer referrals, you can effortlessly connect with potential clients, opening up a world of opportunities.
  • Free Referrals

  • Credibility Boost

  • Client Attraction

Legal Features

Live Legal Support

  • Instant Legal Representation

    Introducing our Live Legal Support feature: Seamlessly connect with legal professionals for instant video chats during police encounters

  • Mental Health Hotline

    Access On-The-Spot Calming Conversations With Mental Health Counselors For Personal Crises.

  • Domestic Mediation Specialist

    Connect With Professionals Trained In De-Escalation For Support During Domestic Disputes. Your Go-To Lifeline In Times Of Stress And Uncertainty.​​

Special Features

Introducing Blacklight IQ

Intelligent security for your family.

An additional suite of AI powered tools that ensure safety through real-time audio analysis and keeps you informed by monitoring each member in your family. 

Blacklight IQ

Automatic Crash Detection

Blacklight IQ is a special feature, offered to those under the Family Plan. It offers advanced AI technology to assist in detecting danger near a vehicle, such as a car crash. It allows an urgent connecting video call to a Lawyer. It also has an on/off toggle component.
  • AI Technology

  • Notification Alerts

  • Active Toggle

Blacklight IQ

Personal Injury Detection

If you ever fall or experience an accident, the AI detection quickly assesses the situation and notifies emergency services of your location. If you’re safe, you may decline the emergency response.

  • AI Crash Detection

  • Emergency Services Contact

  • Automated Case Report

Blacklight Security

What Blacklight Will Do for You

Instant Access to Roadside Legal Representation

Get legal assistance during strenuous roadside encounters from trained professionals. Reach them immediately in times of urgent need.

Feel Empowered During Encounters with Authority

Embrace Unyielding Empowerment in Authority Encounters: Instant Access to a Lawyer on Live Call.

Connect with a Mental Health Counselor

Discover solace, reach licensed counselors, and transform mental health.

Real-Time Conflict Resolution

Find peace in conflict. Mediation specialists for parenting, divorce, business, and more.

Personal Security Powered by AI

Experience smart, instant, proactive 24/7 AI-powered protection, keeping you safe at all times.

Blacklight Legal

Lawyers On-Demand

Find a Lawyer based on your credentials and at your exact time of need.  Using our app you will have direct and immediate access to your cities top legal professional.  Find a bargain price

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